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I am a sports and outdoor recreation photographer based in Ottawa, Canada. My primary interest was Canadian Interuniversity (CIS) sports from 2008 - 2013, and now I am "focusing" my viewfinder mostly on outdoor recreation activities.

The images on this website are available for purchase in either print or digital format (with some exceptions). The shopping cart is clearly indicated on each photo gallery page, and clicking the cart button brings up price information and options such a print sizes available.  Move your cursor around on the image to bring up the information if it is not immediately visible. And yes, the watermark will be removed before your images are printed!

Prints are prepared at a pro photo lab in California and a mailing fee is added to the total purchase price. Prices have been set with this in mind. HOWEVER: given the strong value of the US $ now, consider ordering digital downloads should you wish the best value, as well as to avoid mailing fees, and get your image(s) quickly! And of course, purchasing digital images gives you more flexibility in how you can use and display the photos. If you wish to buy 8 or more digital images in one order, please contact me for special volume rates.

A growing collection of my outdoor recreation images have been selected by Getty Images for exclusive sale through their global company. You can find them by searching my name on their website:


Please contact me at murray.mccomb@sympatico.ca with questions or regarding special orders.

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